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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since last Christmas I have lost forty pounds and with it has gone lack of energy and lack of motivation!!! I have allot more energy now and more motivation to do the everyday things! My new goal, which started New years eve is lose at least twenty pounds by my birthday, which is March 7Th. Two ways that I have already implemented is another form of exercise, along with my workouts three times a week at Bally Total Fitness, a class called Silver Sneakers, which is great for my mature bones and muscles!!! The second way is my diet!! Allot more fiber, fruits and veggies and only ten to twenty percent meat!! Also fish is a big part of my diet, for me that means anything from salmon to sardines!! I am 60 and I believe that the only way to feel great and do the things I still want to do in my later years is to eat healthy and exercise regularly!! Also very little if any processed foods or other products! The things that we put on our body, such as toxins in hair dye for example, are just as important as things we put in our body! Let's do this!! We are all trying to improve our lives and I believe it starts with how we treat our bodies!!

I also have Ataxia, which I have been dealing with for a few years and most of the symptoms that are associated with it I can not stop but I feel that doing the best I can in terms of exercise and diet are a big help in living life the way I want!!!

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